Manicure is a basic service for ladies and also for men. Manicure is elegant and suitable for people of all ages and genders because nails are beautifully modified , decent and casual looking.

If you did not care for your nails before and they are damaged , fragile or weakened , we recommend to visit our manicure professional once per 2 weeks during 4 months. That's the time when you grow new well treated nails where you would feel the definite difference in healthy of your nails. They will be strong , smooth and they won't break as easily. Of course you can't forget to take care of your hands and nails also while at home. Regular creaming and using protective gloves is a must.

During the classic manicure the cuticles is pushed and cut with use of special tools and a professional power grinder. Then your nails are shaped with use of a nail grinder to a shape which we agree on with a client in advance. Nails are then polished to smoothen the surface and remove dents. After that we can ( if it's requested ) apply a coating or a nail paint. Cuticle is then treated with special oil for nail grow and their overall health. At the end the hands are creamed to assure proper hydration of the skin.

To achieve required outcome , your natural nails need intensive and focused care but by regular appointments at your manicure professional and undergoing recommended treatments the outcome will come definitely. Your reward will be always beautiful and well maintained nails.